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What is a Paver?

A paver is what most people incorrectly call a brick.  A brick is actually the unit used in vertical masonry work while a paver is the unit used in horizontal flatwork.  Pavers are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials. Concrete pavers are very popular.  They are typically manufactured using multiple dyes in the concrete mix which provides a mottled appearance with each paver having varied ranges of particular colors in each unit.  They are also now made in shapes ranging from the traditional 4"x8" units to multi-sized, random-pattern units to irregular-edged, faux-stone units.  Concrete pavers can be non-tumbled which provides a sharper, more modern look

Is Your Contractor Putting You at Risk?!

No one likes to waste money and we all try our best to make wise financial decisions.  However, saving a little money initially may end up costing you more than you ever expected!  Our company is a reputable, responsible company that has existed for decades.  We do what is necessary to protect our clients AND our employees by maintaining proper insurance.  This insurance comes at a price and, along with all of our infrastructural expenses, we fund it through company revenue.  We analyze our profit margins and we strive to create a fair pricing structure for all parties.  Our pricing is similar to our industry peers who also choose to protect their companies and their clients.

Bradley Barz

Brad graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. After a year working in Louisville after graduating, he spent the next thirteen years in Chicagoland, working in one of the most competitive and high-end markets in the country. Although he developed many large-scale, estate projects, he also created solutions for many simple projects too. He learned that sometimes small projects can be just as challenging as large ones and that each project should be just as impressive as the other when completed. He believes that a client should be just as amazed with his/her landscape in year five as he/she was in year one. Read More

Jeff Skelton

With 31 years of experience in residential and commercial design-build, Jeff has a vast knowledge of landscape design, construction, and maintenance. He has spent his career beautifying the Louisville and southern Indiana areas with projects ranging from very small individual garden features to elaborate estate projects. Jeff excels in creating gardens and outdoor rooms that truly allow his clients to extend their indoor lifestyles. He combines hardscapes with carefully-selected plant materials to harmonize with the existing surroundings. This harmony of retaining walls, patios, landscaping, lighting, and irrigation allows him to transform previously-unused spaces into timeless