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OVERVIEW An existing, mortared brick wall was deteriorating due to a combination of drainage problems, age, and a poor foundation.  The wall was demolished in order to build a premium concrete block wall.  The specific block was selected due to its variety of block sizes which provided a more random appearance to the wall.  Also, the block is designed to be used for retaining walls.  Be sure that selected products are made for retaining loads to a project’s specific height and not just for free-standing walls.  Any block that is simply stacked atop and glued to another block is not for retaining walls ov

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New Patio Project

    ExPatio This site had a small patio that could barely fit the clients’ patio table and chairs.  It was a constant headache when they entertained.  The poured-in-place steps were also pulling away from the house because they were not pinned to the existing foundation.  They had been poured as one unit with the patio.  The slope off of the edge of the patio was allowing run-off to pull the patio and steps away f

If the blocks have voids or cells in them, then as the wall is erected, those cells should be filled with dense grade aggregate (DGA) to add strength to the wall.    As the DGA is added to the cells, it is important to pack the aggregate into the cells.  If this process is skipped then voids may still exist.