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In order to continue growing our Landscape Maintenance Division, Frank Otte is offering the following great discount programs (only one may be selected):

1. Sign a 2015 Landscape Maintenance Weekly Services contract and receive a 10% discount on your next landscape installation/construction project to be installed during the 2015 calendar year.


2. Sign a 2015 Landscape Maintenance Weekly Services contract and pay in full in advance and receive a 10% discount.


3. Sign a 3-year Landscape Maintenance Weekly Services contract for 2015/2016/2017 and receive a 10% discount.

Scott Zimmerman is a graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Degree. He has twenty four years of experience and he has been with Frank Otte Landscape & Design Group, Inc. since 2000. Scott’s overall goal is to please his clients so he listens intently to their needs and desires.  His designs implement plants, hardscapes, water features, sculptures, lighting, and even sound.  Scott’s philosophy is not to over-think the space but to listen to and to observe it.  In addition to incorporating plants with fantastic color and texture, Scott also considers their growth habits and maintenance requirements.   His creativity enables him to

If the blocks have voids or cells in them, then as the wall is erected, those cells should be filled with dense grade aggregate (DGA) to add strength to the wall.    As the DGA is added to the cells, it is important to pack the aggregate into the cells.  If this process is skipped then voids may still exist.