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Is Your Contractor Putting You at Risk?!

Is Your Contractor Putting You at Risk?!

No one likes to waste money and we all try our best to make wise financial decisions.  However, saving a little money initially may end up costing you more than you ever expected!  Our company is a reputable, responsible company that has existed for decades.  We do what is necessary to protect our clients AND our employees by maintaining proper insurance.  This insurance comes at a price and, along with all of our infrastructural expenses, we fund it through company revenue.  We analyze our profit margins and we strive to create a fair pricing structure for all parties.  Our pricing is similar to our industry peers who also choose to protect their companies and their clients.  However, there are contractors in the market who refrain from maintaining the proper insurance.  Inevitably, these contractors charge lower rates because their infrastructural costs are less.  These lower prices sound great initially but do you know the risks of using uninsured contractors?


If an uninsured contractor is working on your property and he injures himself, then guess who pays his medical expenses?  YOU DO!  If an uninsured contractor builds something on your site and one of your guests is injured due to poor craftsmanship, then guess who is liable to pay his expenses?  YOU ARE!  If an uninsured contractor causes damage to a neighboring property, then guess who pays for repairs?  YOU DO!  The costs that you thought you were saving initially will be meager compared to what you will be paying for these costs for potentially years to come!  Is it worth your risk to gamble that this may never occur?  There are many dishonest people in this world who are looking for opportunities where someone else pays for their expenses.  Sitting at home, lazing about all day on someone else’s dime is what some people live for.  Do you want to be the piggy bank for these people?!


Protect yourself by working with only contractors who are properly insured.  Ask them to prove that they are insured and if they cannot present this proof then do not work with them.  You get what you pay for and cheaper often means that corners are being cut somewhere.

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