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Hardscapes are the features in your landscape that are flatwork or vertical elements composed of brick, pavers, stone, or concrete.  They are the “bones” of your landscape.  Many companies sell hardscape projects but few sell, design, and install them IN-HOUSE.  In-house means that we do not design something and sell it to you only to have another company install it for us.  We construct everything with Frank Otte Landscape & Design Group employees.  The benefit to you is SCHEDULING and QUALITY-CONTROL.  Once we step foot on your site, we are there until your project is complete.  If your landscape company is hiring another contractor to install the hardscapes, then the landscaper is at the mercy of the hardscape contractor’s schedule.  If the contractor has a bigger job than yours, he may not install your job until weeks after your existing patio was already removed.  At Frank Otte Landscape & Design Group, this sequence is efficient from removal to relaxation.  And rest assured, with our crews installing your hardscapes, our designers/project managers are able to ensure that the detail they envisioned becomes a reality that lasts.

Hardscape Specialties (there are great clay pavers and natural stone products that have competitive pricepoints to concrete pavers):


  •             Walkways- is your walkway safe and wide enough?
  •             Driveways- where do your guests park and does water drain across your driveway?
  •             Stoops- how many risers is code and what is comfortable for my elderly guests?
  •             Patios- do you want a dynamic shape and when do patterns get too busy?
  •             Water Feature- how can you see and hear it and what are the winter considerations?
  •             Outdoor Fireplaces- will this draft smoke up the chimney and what’s the proper scale for you space?
  •             Outdoor Kitchens- what do you like to cook and do you want that annoying in-law watching over your shoulder?
  •             Drainage Mitigation- are you about to have a flooded basement and are you tired of mud being tracked through your                 kitchen?
  •             Landscape Lighting (confession:  we actually sub this out through one of the most-trusted landscape lighting                                   contractors  in Louisville)- can you safely navigate your site at night and who is that person lurking outside your house             at 2am?

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