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Hardscapes are the features in your landscape that are flatwork or vertical elements composed of brick, pavers, stone, or concrete. They are the “bones” of your landscape. We design all of our hardscapes evaluating input from our clients. Usually our construction crews install our hardscape projects, but we also use a select group of craftsmen to install some of our more complicated hardscapes. However, we are always closely project managing the construction to make sure our vision for the project is brought to life!

Hardscape Specialties (there are great clay pavers and natural stone products that have competitive pricepoints to concrete pavers):

  •             Walkways- is your walkway safe and wide enough?
  •             Driveways- where do your guests park and does water drain across your driveway?
  •             Stoops- how many risers is code and what is comfortable for my elderly guests?
  •             Patios- do you want a dynamic shape and when do patterns get too busy?
  •             Water Feature- how can you see and hear it and what are the winter considerations?
  •             Outdoor Fireplaces- will this draft smoke up the chimney and what’s the proper scale for you space?
  •             Outdoor Kitchens- what do you like to cook and do you want that annoying in-law watching over your shoulder?


Softscapes are what embellish the hardscapes.  Anything that grows on your site is a part of the softscape category.  After decades of experience, our designers have developed an impressive network for plant acquisition.  However, we have also learned that plants are usually popular in an area because they perform well.  If we envision a certain plant for a unique design but it may have a questionable survival rate, then we will either find the perfect alternative or work with our vendors to determine the best choice.  We are highly-regarded by local vendors for our interest in what’s available in the industry.  There are many keys to a successful softscape.  Color throughout the year is the typical client’s first request but a great softscape also assesses textures, scale to the space, and the ability to compliment the architecture of the client’s home.

Softscape Specialties:

  •             Knot Gardens- this is a perfect way to make your landscape more formal
  •             English Gardens- if your landscape is too tailored for your taste, then we can loosen it up with an array of colors and textures
  •             Hedges- we can recommend the best solutions for you to screen your noisy neighbors or to separate the kid’s yard from the parent’s space
  •             Understory Beds- light is the key to flower coverage.  We can design solutions to provide you with an interesting garden even in the shadiest conditions.
  •             Rain Gardens- these are great solutions for sites that seem to drainage-challenged
  •             Container Arrangements- in Louisville, porch containers seem to be a necessity.  We can design and install arrangements for all seasons.
  •             Erosion Control- your site is not lost for there are many great plants that help to control erosion