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Maintenance is the action that is necessary to sustain a great landscape (hardscape and softscape).  Just like children, your landscape ages and changes.  Do you want the investment that you just made to be a waste of your money?!  In order for your landscape to look its best, you must take care of it.  At Frank Otte Landscape & Design Group, we can not only provide you with the incredible landscape installation, we can also help you to take care of it so all you have to do is enjoy it.  Although many people view maintenance as simply something that keeps their landscapes looking great each week, we view it as something that keeps your landscape looking great for its lifetime.  Imagine not maintaining your landscape for just one year.  You can envision how bad your site would look.  Every time we come to your site we are reflecting the pride we have in our services by polishing your investment. 

We offer varying scales of landscape maintenance. We can visit your site Weekly, Monthly, or for just Spring and Fall Clean-ups.