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Sharry Waldeck

Sharry Waldeck

Sharry began her employment as the office manager in 1990, while the “landscape division” was still a part of Frank Otte Nursery. In 1998, she was promoted to Manager. Under her guidance, the “landscape division” became a separate entity as Frank Otte Landscape & Design Group, Inc. and the rest is history.

You will not hear Sharry brag that the enormous growth of the company over the past several years should, in any way, be accredited to her.   She gives all of the credit to the employees.  Her favorite remark is that she surrounds herself with smart, professional, and dedicated employees, and she lets them “do what they do best.”   Sharry’s philosophy is that the employees make a company what it is and that they must be trusted to do their part.

Sharry is the minority co-owner of Frank Otte Landscape & Design Group, Inc., and she is still very active managing the company’s daily business.  She also considers herself the “quality control” manager.  There are many days that you will find her observing projects in progress or even assessing completed projects.   Her most enjoyable moments are meeting the clients and seeing their expressions of pleasure resulting from their beautiful landscape.

When Sharry has free time, she enjoys spending it with her family, especially her four grandkids, which are her pride and joy.  Their baseball games, dance recitals, and cheerleading competitions certainly keep her busy.  Sharry is a country girl at heart and loves to spend time relaxing with her husband, Ron, at the family farm in GreenCounty where she grew up.  Sharry loves animals and while at the farm, one of her favorite things to do is watch the deer, the turkeys, and any other animals that are often seen roaming the farm.  She enjoys horseback riding, bird watching, and travel.